What is CryptosTribe

CryptosTribe is an epic encrypted 3D NFT game. This innovative new gameplay aims to allow users to earn CSTC and provide users with an interesting experience through the heroic characters in the game and battle against the ancient behemoths. Let users have a pleasant experience every day and earn some profits.
The goal of CryptosTribe is to become the greatest 3D NFT game on the blockchain, while allowing users to become a part of this tribe, enjoy the thrill of epic games, meet more partners, and of course earn CSTC.
In addition to all these exciting actions, CryptosTribe is also a 3D NFT metaverse on BSC, with a complete metaverse ecology. Users only need to put the NFT card and CSTC in the game to get considerable passive income.
NFT cards held by users can be traded to other players through our market. All NFT cards are rare and used in all scenarios of the game. This feature will make NFT cards more valuable.
Last modified 1yr ago